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Insure Your Health, Insure Your Future

Third-Party Medical Accounts Receivable Services Can Help Fix Problems

by Vincent Evans

When you run a medical office and need to collect payment for a bill, either from patients or insurance companies, the process can be time-consuming and sometimes downright annoying. Giving the work to a third-party medical accounts receivable service removes that work from your schedule and can give you a sense of relief. But it can also help spot mistakes or inefficiencies that had been making the job much tougher than it had to be.

The Services Provide Fresh Eyes on Your AR Process

When you send your bills to these services and ask them to collect payments, you're giving these bills to people who haven't seen what you do before. These fresh views can spot problems and missing parts of the process that might have been fouling things up for you. A very simple example might be that you don't have a way for people to pay online now, or that your payment system does not accept newer but common forms of payment, like payment apps. They can look at what you've been doing and see what's been missing that might make it easier for people to pay.

They Can Suggest Ways to Streamline Processes

This service can also find ways to make the collection process more efficient. You may have relied on a lot of paperwork, for example, instead of having a database that tracked payments and kept records. Or you may have been billing inefficiently and confusing patients who would like to pay you but never know quite what they'll owe after an appointment. These services have their own procedures for requesting and collecting payments that work, so you know they are efficient to begin with, and it could be that they are much more efficient than the procedures you've been using.

They May Find Solutions to Billing and Collection Problems You've Had

After the past few years, medical bills have become a problem for many more people. You may have tried to collect from some patients without success due to their own financial situation, or you may have tried to collect from insurance companies and been unable to due to the patient switching companies as they switched jobs. In other words, you're dealing with companies trying to pass off charges to other companies.

This can be frustrating, and a third-party accounts receivable service could spot a solution that makes it easier. For example, maybe the patients who are in tough situations just need lower payments, or a pause before being able to start payments. Maybe there is an error regarding a date of service that is making one insurance company refuse to pay when they are really supposed to pay. By realizing what the other side has been seeing, the AR service can straighten everything out.

If you're planning to outsource your medical account collection process, look for a medical accounts receivable service that will go over the process you have and see what can be fixed. You have a better chance of getting bills paid instead of being pushed out.