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Insure Your Health, Insure Your Future

5 Steps To Prepare To Shop For Health Insurance Quotes

by Vincent Evans

Do you need to shop for health insurance? This can be confusing and intimidating for many Americans. But if you prepare by gathering some information in advance, you can meet this challenge successfully. What are some things you should do before you request any quotes? Here are a few to consider. 

1. Look at Past Years

Begin by sitting down — with anyone else being covered — and look back at the past couple of years of medical history. Look at credit card and bank statements to determine what out-of-pocket costs you paid and how they fit into your budget. Analyze records from doctors and hospitals to review how often you were seen and for what types of ailments. All this is information you can use to forecast what coverage is best for the next year. 

2. Note Ongoing Treatments

What ongoing health issues do you need to consider? Write down your prescriptions as well as current co-pays for them. Make a list of known chronic medical conditions and the way you regularly treat them. While you can't foresee medical emergencies and accidents, you can preplan for many known quantities like monthly medication or medical supplies. 

3. Look at the Year Ahead

After thinking about your current ongoing medical care, think about what you plan for the next year. Might you start or increase your family? Are you expecting to have surgery? Is moving a possibility? Are you approaching menopause or the age of more preventative screenings? Will your kids graduate from pediatricians to general practitioners? Is anyone planning to travel outside the immediate area? Any of these could be a factor to consider when choosing coverage.

4. Write Down Providers

Make a list of medical providers you want to keep or start working with. Similarly, make note of larger organizations, hospitals, or medical groups you want to be seen at. Insurance companies generally allow you to search for providers and networks to determine if you are part of their plan. But if you don't remember who to look for, you can't guarantee success. 

5. Define Your Goals

Most people's health insurance goal is to pay the least for the best coverage. But because you have so much choice, you should define goals more clearly. If cost is the biggest factor, you must compromise in other areas. If you need to reduce out-of-pocket costs, you may pay more for premiums. If treating a particular condition is key, you may need to sacrifice savings or other coverage options. There is no right or wrong, but you'll narrow things down better when you define what is most important. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about what information to gather before getting a health insurance quote? Start by talking with an insurance agent in your state today. No matter what your goals and needs, the right prep work will help you find success in your search. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Optimized Health Plans.